About Domestics

Made by human rights lawyers and award-winning filmmakers, John Shulman and Jeanne-Marie Almonor, DOMESTICS tells the story of working class people of color and immigrants are targeted by big business, conservative politicians and the government’s corrupt “War on Terror.”

DOMESTICS features plot twists and turns that keep the audience on edge until the very end. The story’s young protagonists drive the plot in unexpected ways as they challenge the corrupt systems and beliefs their parents have abided for too long.

At the end, the movie raises uncomfortable questions that young people, and all people everywhere, must answer.

The filmmakers are also inviting universities, trade unions and human rights organizations and activists, such as immigration reform advocates and progressive activists, to partner with the filmmakers in using DOMESTICS as a vehicle for organizing and outreach to young people.

The movie provides significant opportunities to support grassroots and community organizing and education for the following reasons:

  • The movie is a tense political thriller with twists and turns and teenage stars
  • Organizations can use the movie to reach out to new generations of potential activists
  • The movie has strong pro-union messages and reveals important links between big business, conservative politics and the government’s corrupt “War on Terror”
  • The movie’s multi-ethnic cast reflects today’s America and will appeal to a broad cross-section of the country
  • The movie hits hard on today’s most important progressive issues.